Natural High Grade Ruby Manik Certified Gemstone


It removes all negativity from life..and built Confidence. It is said to give mental Stability, Tranquility, Spiritual Enlightenment, protects against danger of any form, Wealth, Good Name, long life, prosperity and good children. If it suits you then it can bring major change of fortunes and luck. Recommended for Evil effects of Planet Saturn.

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Natural Earth Mined Best Quality Genuine Gemstone, Natural Certified Manik Ruby
Certification details: Certified By Reputed Gem Testing Lab Natural Rashi Ratan Ruby for Shanni
Energized Gemstone – Stone is purified and energized by Reiki Grandmaster. You just need to wear on designated day
100% Authentic, Original and Natural Gemstone – Natural Gemstones have inside inclusions and colour varia

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Weight 750 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 20 cm


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