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Who we are

Are you living a chaotic life? Are you dealing with constant life issues and don’t know how to put an end to them? If yes, then Planet RJ can definitely delineate the path of harmony and success for you.

Rakesh Joshi is a learned astrologer who was born in the family of priests and astrologers. He began his spiritual journey at a very young age and inherited the knowledge of astrology and Vastu from his ancestors. With his extensive knowledge of Vastu and astrology, he has been serving people in India for over 12 years. Due to his hard work and continued service he has earned the title of top astrologer in India.

As a renowned Vastu Expert,  also offers effective Vastu remedies to ensure a positive and peaceful environment. Apart from residential, his expertise extends up to other segments of Vastu such as Commercial Vastu and Political Vastu.

His proficiency in gemstones has helped many find stability and security in career, relationships, wealth and life! As a certified Gemstone Consultant, his popularity and credibility can be measured by the level of respect his admirer’s shower on him.

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